Issaquah, WA

Dr. Jennifer Spence

My family physician has served my husband and I for five years individually, and delivered my daughter last fall at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. She is caring and completely open to discussing anything her patients want to do. She was unphased by anything I requested, but gently firm about what was best for my baby. If you are enchanted by the idea of a midwife, but want or need the expertise of a medical physician, she’s the way to go. She let me move around and eat and drink like a hippy dippy joyful creature all during my labour and delivery, and assured me that I would be very unlikely to require an episiotomy or c-section when I voiced my fears about them before hand. My birthing experience was AWESOME and I would definitely do it with her again. In fact, I recall at one point in my labour her laughing and joking “we should do this again sometime.” The bonus is that she is now my baby’s doctor. Talk about continuity of care! I can’t recommend this woman enough.

Dr. Samantha Maplethorpe

Dr. Maplethorpe was a dream for me. After a disappointing first delivery with an OB/Gyn in our area (he was a bit too busy and popped in twice during my delivery to say “Let me know when she is really doing something”, eventually letting the nurse deliver my baby) I was only interested in a care provider that truely cared for her patients. What a blessing it was to meet Dr. Maplethorpe. I established with her as primary care for myself and first child and fell in love. Yes, she runs behind at times, but the minute she is face to face with you, IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU! She is not worried about her after work plans (or whatever it is docs think about when they do a two minute physical), she is completely focused, listens to all of your concerns, and addresses each issue, question or concern in a loving, educated manor. When I became pregnant with my second child I was horribly ill. I immediately began sufferring from hyperemesis gravidarum (vomitting at least hourly, 24/7) and required a ton of extra care, regular IV’s to prevent dehydration and a lot of encouragement! She was just the fit for my care and delivery. Farther into the pregnancy, my body could no longer handle the constant abuse and I became preeclamptic. She acted quickly, had me induced and SAT IN MY HOSPITAL ROOM WITH ME FOR OVER 48 HOURS, until the baby and I were both safe. I think she left once because I forced her to go get dinner, and I am sure at some point she slipped out to use the restroom, but for that entire time I really needed her, SHE WAS RIGHT THERE! I know I am repeating myself, but WHAT A BLESSING! She is a physician who cares much more about her patients than she does about her bottom line. Anyone needing primary or OB care, give her a call. She is fabulous!

Vancouver, WA

Dr. Fred Coleman

Dr. Coleman works with the Legacy MFM group and does deliveries at Legacy Emanuel and Legacy Salmon Creek. He delivered my youngest daughter and was part of the team providing my prenatal care. He also did one of the two intrauterine transfusions she required–a sophisticated and complex procedure that he handled with the utmost of skill. Dr. Coleman’s medical and technical qualifications are beyond compare, but what makes him even more special is his concern for patient autonomy and inclusion in the decision-making process, and his wicked sense of humor. Along with his colleagues at Legacy MFM he gave me back some power in what was a very frightening and technologically-driven pregnancy, made me feel like a human being that was cared for, and even shared some laughs in the OR. A great guy to have on your side in a crisis, I can highly recommend Dr. Coleman to anyone needing a maternal-fetal medicine/perinatology doc. He also is open to VBAC if the conditions are right.

Legacy Salmon Creek

Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital’s birth center might just be ahead of the curve. After reading about how awful birthing in a hospital was, especially when on EFMs and pitocin, I was shocked by my wonderful experience. I did have pitocin, my water broke and baby wasn’t coming, and EFM but still was able to walk around, they have mobile packs now. Nurses had to chase me down the halls when they lost my son’s hearbeat and get everything rearranged, but they didn’t complain, just sent me on my way. And their monitors are waterproof so into the tub I went. There was none of this nonsense about being stuck in a bed. I had hands on care that let me feel like I was in complete control. If you are looking for a positive, safe hospital experience, I can’t recommend Legacy Salmon Creek enough.

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