My original intent for this blog was that it would be a place where the crunchies and medical-model adherents could come together and politely discuss birthy things. I was going to invite a bunch of people from all over the spectrum to contribute, and it was going to be this exciting and happy place where new and wonderful ideas were born. Women would love their birth experiences and babies would be safe. Rainbows and butterflies would burst out of our assesscreens and into our homes. The world would be changed.

And then I got smacked upside the head with a fat dose of reality. That sort of thing doesn’t happen!  No, we all stay in our respective corners and surround ourselves with people who think just like we do. We can pat each other on the back and talk about how horrid or ignorant those on the other side of the issue are. Then one of them shows up and the whole thing devolves into a name-calling clusterf@*k.  And it’s not just the birth world that’s like this. It’s the WHOLE world. Parenting, politics, driving (I witnessed that one on Facebook yesterday)…the subject doesn’t matter. What is it about human beings that causes this? Does our need to feel superior or to belong to a ~*unique*~ group somehow trump our obligation to respect others? I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.

So I’ve decided to make this (mostly) my personal blog. A place where I can write my middle-of-the-road rants to myself and anyone who stumbles across this lowly page. I may also cross-post some things from my business blog. If you’d care to contribute, by all means contact me and I’ll set you up with an account. I’d like to think that my original vision (minus the rainbows, maybe) is still possible.

7 thoughts on “Resigned.

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  2. I wish there were more middle of the road, evidence-based sources of information about pregnancy, labour and birth. I recently gave birth, and I found that the people who tried to help were some of the most politically rabid, self-serving and distasteful people I’ve ever come across. This includes most of the medical professionals and the “alternative” people I found in other places.

    Please don’t give up too much! I’ve only read a couple of your posts, but I enjoy your blog thus far.

  3. Helloooooo beautiful! I’m Susannah, 26, no kids(yet), just starting my doula business. I’ve been training to be a doula for a year and a half, concurrent with finishing my B.S. in science, and your blog is a godsend. Yes it is!

    I’ve been getting pretty discouraged because although I make a real difference for my clients and although my mission in life is to support their CHOICES, I feel like I’m getting it from both sides. The OBs look at me askance when they realize I’m not just a bossy friend, and the homebirthers fail to appreciate my conviction that epidurals are overall a good thing to have available. (About the only thing I’m really militant about is vaccinations; I wish everyone vaccinated their (healthy) children. But fortunately dealing with that is really not my job as a doula!)

    I try to incorporate all the information I can into the service I provide, and so much of what I read, especially online, is wading through hatefulness, nonsensical propositions, accusations of insufficient parenting, and refusal to admit error. I got into this because I love women and to be a doula is the most immediate application of love I know. It’s rough seas out here, though.

    Well, anyway, to sum up my screed: finding your blog has been amazing, encouraging and wonderful. I’m just so happy to be a reader now. Have some heart balloons! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. I like your original intent. I myself so wish that we could all come together and truly discuss the issues without smashing each other and trashing everything. Sadly I have been drawn to respond to one of your topics and have been called a Troll because I have a differing view, funny thing is I don’t think I am as far away as some of the other posters views, but it seems to be so Black and White in the thinking there….so sad…instead of finding the common ground shared… I personally love rainbows 😉

  5. For what it’s worth, I’ll be reading (likely silently, though) and I’m easily one of ‘those crunchies.’ Want to avoid any and all birth/hospital interventions, but if I need a section or anything else for medical reasons I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Adamantly dedicated to homeschooling, organic home-cooked meals, opposed to circumcision for anyone not old enough to ask for it themselves, on the fence about vaccinations, and generally outraged at the poor state of midwifery in the U.S. today. You’ll probably never get a calm, reasoned debate on something like childbirth on the internet, but I applaud you for trying. Somebody’s got to.

  6. I’m grateful for the work you are doing. E.O. Wilson may provide a bit for insight as to why the birth debate, and all debates for that matter, are so dang tribal.

    “Biologist E.O. Wilson on Why Humans, Like Ants, Need a Tribe”

    We can form our middle of the road tribe. I used midwifery care for my first babe, and for reasons not related to the quality of my midwife, I will be using an OB for the second time around.

    Life is full of grey areas, and forces us to adapt.

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