San Antonio

Alisa Voss

My midwife is Alisa Voss — she is a licensed midwife, though not a CNM, but she has been called “the best midwife in Texas” by other midwives I know. She has 20 years of experience and is one of the wisest women I know. She has a good transfer rate and won’t push a birth to stay at home if something goes wrong. She listens to the mom and makes decisions that are for the best, especially if that means transferring to a hospital. On top of just being an incredible, kind, and understanding woman and a fantastic midwife, she has a supportive referring obstetrician with whom she shares her client’s information and who gives her advice in certain situations. She carries drugs and medication in the case of something going wrong, some that are not common for CPMs to carry, but for which she has acquired permission by her referring OB to carry. She attends homebirth as well as births at the San Antonio Birth Center, which she owns.

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