Vanderbilt Nurse Midwives

Our son was born in August of 2009. We chose the certified nurse midwife practice because it seemed to offer the best of both worlds – evidence-based care with hospital delivery and personalized care. My prenatal care was excellent – all my questions and concerns were taken seriously and addressed to my satisfaction. I also knew that they would fully support medicated or unmedicated birth. Our primary midwife had actually had epidurals with both of her births, and I knew that my decisions would be respected.

I would not describe my “birth experience” as particularly positive, but that had nothing to do with my midwife. I arrived at the hospital ready to push, and assumed that I could get through pushing okay. The next hour and a half were a blur of pain, but I also had wonderful support from my husband, two L&D nurses (one of whom was our midwife’s mother, too cool!), and our midwife Emma. When our son was born, I began hemmorhaging immediately after delivering the placenta. Emma remained cool and collected, telling me everything that she was doing. I endured manual extraction of clots, but the bleeding continued. Emma had already called for the obstetrician, and her diagnosis of a cervical laceration was confirmed in the operating room. I barely avoided a blood transfusion, but I am very grateful that I had such a well-trained midwife who acted quickly and calmly. While my husband, son, and I did not have that magic postpartum bonding time immediately after birth, we all came through it safe and healthy. If we have another child, I will use this practice again.

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