James Carlson, DO

I chose Dr. Carlson after my regular OB/GYN suddenly left the practice shortly after I became pregnant. I had interacted with him when he was on call and I was experiencing spotting in my sixth week. He had been exceedingly kind, professional and reassuring, and took my concerns seriously. Throughout my pregnancy, Dr. Carlson had a calm, professional manner, and was quite easy to talk to. He was very busy, so at times I felt a bit rushed, but was able to connect with him or his nurse to let them know I needed more time, and they were very responsive.

My kudos for Dr. Carlson, and the hospital at which I delivered (St. Charles Medical Center – Bend) has to do with my fabulous cesarean birth experience. I chose a scheduled repeat cesarean, but Dr. Carlson and SCMC were completely willing to explore the possibility of a VBAC if I had wanted it. Anyway, the c-section was practically painless, I was awake and alert the entire time with no wooziness or nausea, and I was able to hold my baby almost right away (with some help from my husband and a nurse). My baby and I were separated for only a few minutes when my husband took him out of the OR to warm up. Once we were reunited in my room, I was able to hold my little one, nurse right away, and snuggle skin to skin for as long as I wanted. When bath time came, my baby stayed in my room, and I got to see him enjoy his first bath. My stay at SCMC was like a little vacation with my husband and newborn. My pain was well managed, the nurses were attentive, and the food was great.

Dr. Carlson was also great at helping manage some problems I had with breastfeeding that had the lactation consultants stumped – he seemed really knowledgeable in this area, and seems to regard it as a regular part of his scope of practice.

Dana Johnson

She was unable to determine if she should give me stitches. She said that she was bad at “that part of it.” She kept having me try to lay on my back even though I was having excruciating back pain. After the birth she said that she was shocked that my baby was posterior. She was not able to get a need in my arm for a blood draw even though she attempted at least 5 times. She eventually had to go get someone else to do it. My birth that she attended had a very bad outcome. It was not peaceful and intuitive either.

Christyn King and Dana Johnson

Wow, I can’t believe there are other reviews of these women. I had a horrible birth with these women. I am surprised Mrs. King is working in Vermont now. I repeatedly told these women I could not urinate and was told “my body was using it all up”, they encouraged me to keep drinking water and even gave me 2000 ml of IV fluid on top of it. I finally had to be transported to the hospital for an emergency C-section due to my bladder being expanded, the hospital got 1100 ml out of my bladder, my bladder was so distended that it was cut during the c-section. These woman are cold, uneducated, and have no business in the medical field. I felt dumped off after I got to the hospital, no questions answered, they just said they did not know what happened, but if you google unable to urinate there is all kinds of information. I have filed a complaint against them, but it has been over a year and nothing has happened except Mrs. King moved out of state so her license wont be affected anyway. I had so many problems with them I could go on and on. These women disgust me.


Dr. Fred Coleman

Dr. Coleman works with the Legacy MFM group and does deliveries at Legacy Emanuel and Legacy Salmon Creek. He delivered my youngest daughter and was part of the team providing my prenatal care. He also did one of the two intrauterine transfusions she required–a sophisticated and complex procedure that he handled with the utmost of skill. Dr. Coleman’s medical and technical qualifications are beyond compare, but what makes him even more special is his concern for patient autonomy and inclusion in the decision-making process, and his wicked sense of humor. Along with his colleagues at Legacy MFM he gave me back some power in what was a very frightening and technologically-driven pregnancy, made me feel like a human being that was cared for, and even shared some laughs in the OR. A great guy to have on your side in a crisis, I can highly recommend Dr. Coleman to anyone needing a maternal-fetal medicine/perinatology doc. He also is open to VBAC if the conditions are right.

Dr. Patrick “Andy” Merrill

Dr. Merrill has to be one of the best-loved doctors in town. Whenever I would mention his name to another Legacy employee, they would smile for a minute and say “oh! Dr. Merrill! He’s a great guy.” It’s true. As a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist working at Legacy Emanuel he is skilled at managing the nuances of a high risk pregnancy. He also cares sincerely about his patients, and it shows in his practice of medicine. He listened to me with concern and took me seriously even when all I could say was “something just doesn’t seem right and I have a bad feeling.” He is thorough and meticulous and is eager to include you in the details of your care, explaining everything and drawing little diagrams on scratch paper. He also has a sense of humor and will make you laugh even when, like me, you’re carrying 25 lbs of pre-e water weight and trapped in a hospital bed for the foreseeable future. Dr. Merrill also unabashedly loves the cute little patients he delivers and will happily cuddle your baby if you let him. It also has to be said about the Legacy MFM practice that they have some of the absolute best nurses around working there too. Highly, highly recommended.

Vivante Midwifery

hese midwives are awesome and so competent! They had my health and the babies health the complete focus the entire time! All the midwives were awesome and so thorough! They called me in between appts if anything came up and never seemed bothered by my concerns! They encourage all medical tests and had access to all medical equipment that could be necessary.They heard a heart murmur in utero, and even though it is quite common, had me do a follow up ultrasound, just to make sure the baby would be safe! I had iv antibiotics for group b strep, and a shot of pitocin after the birth to stop the little excess bleeding I had…It was the best of both worlds and the most awesome home birth experience I could’ve asked for! They monitored me and the baby the entire labor and pregnancy, and the time after! They were concerned first and foremost with safety, and treated me with respect and listened to any and all concerns I had!

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