North Carolina


Heather Jordan, CNM

Experience: I had two great births with Ms. Jordan over 6 years apart and the care only got better. She is a science based nurse midwife who uses medicine when needed but does not make you feel like pregnancy is an illness. She will totally support you in your choice to birth naturally and you can use birth balls, tubs and walking and a number of other things while laboring under her care. She will also spend as much time as she can with you while you labor, as long as she does not have other laboring women to check on. With both of my labors she was able to be there the entire time.

She will also fully and respectfully suport you in your desire to take pain medication and uses both epidual and narcotic pain relief. She is very supportive and wants the mother and father to feel comfortable with their birth reguardless of how they want to birth.

I recomend her as a safe alternitive for women in Western NC looking for a midwife to be a friend and care provider while supporting the parents wishes in their labor and delivering safly in a top notch hospital.

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