New York


Christiane McCloskey, CM

Chris was great through all the pre-natal appointments. She was on top of all of the important stuff, but very easy-going in manner. I felt well taken care of the whole time.

At the birth, she made sure I was there early in labor because I was gbs+ . The labor was uneventful. She worked really well the with hospital staff. She was very respectful towards the nurses, and they were respectful to her. She was assertive on occasion, but never aggressive or petty. I felt like I had an advocate who was looking out for me and my baby.

Chris helped me when I asked for pain meds. I didn’t want to be convinced out that. She got where I was holding.
The baby was born, all was good. Until it wasn’t. The baby wouldn’t eat. Chris came and showed me cup feeding. I decided to send the baby to the NICU for eval. She told me how to set things up so the NICU staff would actually feed my expressed breastmilk. She told me to watch my baby closely while he was with me.

Chris came into the hospital room, 2 days after birth, 2 days after I wanted to be home with my baby. She smelled of cinnamon and wore bright colors. She was a genuinely happy presence. She didn’t try to step into the NICU docs role to tell me about the baby. She helped me in the way I needed help. She set up the breast-pump, she gave me some herbs for my healing. Chris was a positive, calm, knowledgeable presence.

Chris was an excellent midwife for our family.

Garden City

Dr. Salvatore LoPresti

He was the kindest, funniest, nicest, down to earth, let nature take its course (but safely), happiest, comforting, understanding, talkative, Doctor I have ever had. After a horrible first birth he was my angle. He’s the kind of guy you could joke around with. In labor I voiced that his dialtion checks were killing me and he said “ok, i’ll wait till you get the epidural before I do that again”…..really??? I couldnt believe he cared that i was in pain, i thought he would be like the last dr i had and tell me to get over it. He is really amazing, as are all the doctors in his practice.

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