Las Vegas

Martha Drohobyczer, MSN CNM Alternatives for Women

Experience: Martha is amazing. She delivered my oldest and provided prenatal care to my me when pregnant with my daughter (who was born precipitously at home). She is smart, compassionate, very knowledgable about OB and will support all women’s choices. She is also an Advanced Practice Nurse/Clinical Nurse Specialist in Psych. Although very pro science (and pro vaccine) she works with patients in alternative health modalities. She is very supportive of including families in prenatal visits. My son was 2 1/2 when I was pregnant with my daughter and she spent a lot of time with him at each visit showing pictures, talking and letting him help with the doppler. Last I spoke with her she was no longer practining OB, but definately check her out for well woman care or to see if she is attending deliveries again.

Dr. Steven Harter OB/GYN Women’s Specialty Care

Experience: Dr. Harter delivered my third baby and he was wonderful. He is very supportive of unmedicated hospital birth, including doulas, water birth and hypnobirthing. He does not push these views on his patients and is equally supportive of pain relief and more managed care. He is one of the only doctors, if not the only doctor excluding the residents at UMC, doing VBACs. Though part of a large group practice he is dedicated to being at the delivery of his patients who request it. He is very popular so expect to wait for your appointments.

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