New Feature: Kudos and Complaints

Tell us about your experience with your health care providers in your pregnancy and birth on our new Kudos and Complaints page.  It’s an opportunity to give either the praise or the new you-know-what your doctor, labor nurse, or midwife deserves! You can fill in the form below with details (it will be posted in the appropriate location) or you can share your story in the comments below. Feel free to recommend (or warn about) a hospital as well.

One thought on “New Feature: Kudos and Complaints

  1. The doctor who delivered my son has been delivering babies for longer than I’ve been alive. He works with midwives in a clinic that is associated with the local non-profit hospital. That’s exactly why I chose him. Looking back, I think things couldn’t have gone any better. They gave me the best chance I could have had at a vaginal birth and then they did a c-section that turned out as perfect as any c-section could have been. My son was healthy and perfect and I healed well.
    My one complaint was that I went through a terrible time (emotionally) after my son was born and I really felt like they (the doctor and midwives) missed an opportunity to help me in the simplest way. I felt like I was in shock and I couldn’t believe the whole world could just keep on moving on around me. This went on for several weeks. I think it would have changed my whole experience I had been able to talk to someone who could understand what I was going through.

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