If you’re gonna hate, please do it publicly!

Don’t be like “Bethany Morningside” and write nasty things using a fake profile where only I can see them. Not that it will do you any good. Also, I would like to extend my congratulations to Ms. Morningside  for proving my point so eloquently!

Ahahahahahaha!! And after they were SO INDIGNANT that someone would come to their forum and “troll.” Pot, meet kettle.

32 thoughts on “If you’re gonna hate, please do it publicly!

  1. But they don’t speak like that! It’s only us, don’t you know?! They are too busy trying to find the right pair of pants to show off the rainbows shooting out of their vaggies.

  2. Awww, now you only have to hide in the shadows if you know what you are doing (or in this case saying) is wrong. Not so private now is it though Bethany Morningside, if that’s your real name :).

  3. HILARIOUS in the indigent righteousness and total ignorance.
    Thanks for proving how rude NCBers are! I couldn’t have written a better parody.

  4. Slightly off topic, but what is with so many of these women using display pictures of women with big shiny marbles coming out off their vajayjays? Someone needs to tell them babies come out all mucky, not sparkling like one of those healing crystals they swear by…

    • Oh, Michelle it is because you’re doing it all wrong. It is all that medical technology we use that strips our children of their goddess given sparklies at birth. If you only you trusted birth and a midwife with a high school education, you too could give birth to a baby that looked like a big shiny marble, well that is if you and/or your baby survive.

      • Stephanie-Thanks for setting me straight mama, maybe if I try my hardest to trust birth and have a birth orgasm next time my baby will sparkle bright…mmm…shiny placenta…drool…

  5. What a bitch. Yes I was too lazy to push my baby out because it would have killed her. But then again nothing is worse than a section, not even a dead baby.

  6. I don’t understand. If you don’t like them, why do you keep going onto their forum? It seems a bit like you are feeding the drama by going in and doing screen dumps. Its not particularly productive, don’t you think?

    • I don’t actually go to their forum. After I shared the nasty facebook comment I got, the friend who sent me the other screen caps sent me the new one. It is productive in that they are flooding my site with hits and reading what I have to say. You never get other perspectives on most of these natural birth sites because they delete and ban for mentioning things like unnecessary homebirth death or potential pregnancy complications.

      • No you do get other perspectives, you only get banned and dumped like you did because you breached the conditions of being a member, like with your other post where you joined up agreed to terms and conditions and then violated them. Other members get dumped for the same thing so don’t complain when you know full well and true that you broke the terms YOU AGREED TOO in the first place. God you come across as very simple and one sided. You have credibility what so ever. Now lets see if this comment makes hey…..oh and Im a mum of a planned c section, I just hate hypocrisy.

        • Just adding that you did join up to the forum you used on your other thread (JB) and you freely admit you have a friend helping you out.

          I get why you go there then breach the terms and conditions and then bitch about it? Its like the only way you can support you argument is by creating drama. I’ll stick with Dr Amy at least she backs her site up with fact not contrived dribble like you.

        • sigh, do you not read? I’ve never been banned and dumped there because I’ve never been a member. I’m so glad you enjoy being a member of a forum where they think that moms with planned c-sections break their babies by pumping them full of drugs and shouldn’t really be mothers at all. But it’s not for me.

      • Then why do you keep reading stuff from your friend that seems to upset you so much. I always tell my kids to stay away from those that upset them.

        • It doesn’t upset me in the least. It’s a perfect example of what I was saying, and I was so happy that it dropped into my lap. You see, they really do think women who’ve had c-sections shouldn’t be mothers.

  7. Nice. Does she kiss her babies with that mouth?

    For the record, I’ve had one unplanned (though non-emergency) CS after five hours of pushing with no descent, and one hbac. I value what I went through and the natural birth. I have close girlfriends who had wonderful unmedicates vb in hospital, some homebirth transfers (non-emergent) that resulted in healthy mama and babe after merciful epidurals to give mom rest, friends who planned hospital deliveries and epidurals from the start, and who planned cesareans. Oddly enough, you wouldn’t be able to tell their kids apart if you lined them all up.

    As for miss Morningside and her gem of parenting advice, I’d love to see the mountain of research that has convinced her that drugs given during cesarean (or epidural) transfer to baby, and in what amounts.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. It is really damaging to your credibility that you think it is professionally or ethically acceptable to post screen shots provided to you by a third party from a private forum on a public blog. I cannot even be bothered to read any further on your site.

  9. Wow, I don’t know what to say to all this. I’m not sure how this leads to better birthing – I don’t understand why you would post things like this, especially after how hurt you were when someone did the same thing to you. It’s like high school or something, where you pick on someone, and then encourage all your friends to pick on them too.

    I was hoping to get some information about repeat c-sections, but if this, and that other post, are how things are done here, I don’t think this is the kind of blog I’m after 🙁 I’d be too scared to post if I thought the other commenters here were going to be so mean to me if I didn’t agree with them!

    Best of luck, D.

    • No one ever did this to me. This is about exposing a nasty thread that runs through the natural childbirth community, and they need to fix it if they want to stop alienating women. Of course, they may not be interested in not alienating certain women. But at least it’s out in the open. They’re upset because they don’t want people to know this about them, and that’s too bad. It needed to be said, though.

  10. OK, I don’t get this. Some snarky witch leaves Heather a nasty comment on her FB, using a maneuver that means that only Heather can see it. Then Heather outs it on her blog, and everyone (Anna, JennyM, Indy) is criticizing….Heather?

    What gives, ladies?

  11. It’s so good to read these comments. I have a “friend” who is an advocate of Janet Fraser and her joyous birth crap and everytime she posts something written by this woman it drives me insane. I’ve just been reading her self indulgent crap and this one tops the lot:http://janetfraser.id.au/blog/2011/08/28/to-the-woman-at-the-shops-with-the-weeping-babe/
    I love the comments where Fraser actually admits to deleting negative comments. Love this site.

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