Attention Big Medicine: I’m Still Waiting for my Check!

Ever since I heard that I was in the pocket of Big Medicine, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my payoff. Sadly, it hasn’t yet arrived. Anyone have any ideas on how I can collect what’s due me?


Of course, the comment was meant to be insulting, but it’s so ridiculous and hysterical I can’t help but be grateful she made it. The LULZ enough make up for the slight.

And, just to comment on the rest of the insultcomment…Diane Goslin was charged with practicing medicine without a license after the death of an infant in her care. It’s doubtful she and any of the other midwives in Pennsylvania being “harassed” by the authorities are receiving this attention without reason. I have no idea if she was found to be negligent, but she was breaking the law, an infant died, and she got the support of the midwifery community for it.

4 thoughts on “Attention Big Medicine: I’m Still Waiting for my Check!

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how despite their claims that midwifery is safe, the midwifery community always stands by those midwives whose neglect or error cause death or injury. One would think that as part of a PR campaign to convince the world of the so called safety of homebirth, the midwifery community would be doing everything it to make sure that bad midwives are removed from practice. Instead, they rally around them and use terms like “witch hunt” and “harassment” in order to stir up sympathy of their supporters. If you make it sound like the patriarchy is trying to take away the rights of women to control their bodies, then the focus immediately changes. Instead of seeing the baby or the mom as a victim of neglect or error on the midwife’s part, the midwifery community views the suspected midwife as a victim of patriarchal “persecution.” It is really reflective of the fact that the midwifery community is more invested with its own culture than with the safety of birth.

  2. If midwives had any sense or touch with reality at all they would be putting as much distance as they can between the bad outcomes and themselves.

    Why do they always stoop to vilifying anyone that questions them. The ability to not accept criticism, learn and strength their practice from it–is the down fall of midwifery.

  3. So what do these women say when their negligence and ignorance causes a baby or woman in their ‘care’ to die? That sometimes women and babies just die, so ho hum and let’s go on to the next birth?

    Shame on them for being so selfish for that labor and delivery high that they would sacrifice the lives of these women and babies.

    Their arrogance and selfish needs went above and beyond to the point where we have women birthing with a breech presentation, or women who are high risk.

    What in the hell is wrong with them?

    You know if I wanted to be a lay midwife bad enough, all I need to do is order me some books and hook up with some birth junkies. Before you know it, I can open an office and make up some business cards that says I’m a midwife.

    Isn’t this what Riki Lake is doing? I heard that she is practicing as a lay midwife for friends.

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