Lansing, MI

Sparrow Hospital

I had three births at Sparrow, all great experiences. The nurses were supportive in both labor/delivery and mother/baby, and we never had to be separated from our babies. No one ever pushed me to use pain relief or do anything we didn’t want to do (eye drops, circumcision, etc.).


I had two wonderful experiences at Sparrow. The nurses were so caring, helpful and supportive. My first child was sick when she was born. The nurses noticed immediately and took excellent care of her. She had to stay longer than I did at the hospital, but the doctors and nurses made sure I could stay too even though I had been discharged. We are so grateful for the care we received. They never tried to push anything on us that we didn’t want. We had a birthplan and the doctors and nurses stuck to it. I’m so glad that we were in the hospital so that our first child could receive the care that she needed!

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