Liz Kettyle, CNM

Experience: I loved Liz Kettyle. Working with her and the other midwives (I also saw Suzie Wright sometimes – she was also good) was a delight…it felt much like seeing my fab OBGYN, but the appointments were a little longer and it was easier to get appointments, too. It felt a little “warmer.” Liz was super supportive about wanting a natural childbirth, but also supportive when I told her that I may end up asking for pain killers. She was very professional, not wooish. I had a hospital birth and Liz wound up delivering my son. She also helped with followup care, since I had postpartum pain that lasted for almost 10 months.


Dr. Brenda Neary

Dr.Neary cared for me during my multiples (ID twins) pregnancy. I found her to be knowledgeable and competent as well as compassionate. She always listened to my concerns and took the time to answer any questions I had. She did not hesitate to put me on bedrest, first at home, and ultimately in the hospital, when complications began to arise but she was willing to allow the twins to be delivered vaginally, as long as they were both head-down (they were). Some months after the babies came, I was concerned about PPD, and Dr.Neary listened (and brought a box of tissues) and reassured me that though she did not feel I had PPD, if things did not improve or got worse, she would help me. I have a few friends who are also patients of Dr.Neary, and some of them had C-sections. They were very happy with the way things went down, and felt that Dr.Neary is an excellent surgeon.

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