Newington, CT

Dr. Kirsten Kerrigan

Experience: Excellent. She has been my OBGYN for the past 6 years. Did my c-section in 2007 for my son who was breech and then just this year in 2011 supported me entirely in my v-bac in the hospital. As a matter of fact in 2007 she told me when I chose the planned c-section over the external version that I would be the perfect candidate for a v-bac. She discussed everything that was going on with me. Didn’t give me a hard time about opting out of any testing (like the 3 hour glucose test). She gave me an alternative way to test my blood sugar to make sure I did not need insulin. When I had concerns about a PA at the hospital she checked to see if we could make sure she would not be anywhere near us when we were in the hospital. She really bent over backwards to give me the birthing experience I wanted while keeping my children safe.

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