My original intent for this blog was that it would be a place where the crunchies and medical-model adherents could come together and politely discuss birthy things. I was going to invite a bunch of people from all over the spectrum to contribute, and it was going to be this exciting and happy place where new and wonderful ideas were born. Women would love their birth experiences and babies would be safe. Rainbows and butterflies would burst out of our assesscreens and into our homes. The world would be changed.

And then I got smacked upside the head with a fat dose of reality. That sort of thing doesn’t happen!  No, we all stay in our respective corners and surround ourselves with people who think just like we do. We can pat each other on the back and talk about how horrid or ignorant those on the other side of the issue are. Then one of them shows up and the whole thing devolves into a name-calling clusterf@*k.  And it’s not just the birth world that’s like this. It’s the WHOLE world. Parenting, politics, driving (I witnessed that one on Facebook yesterday)…the subject doesn’t matter. What is it about human beings that causes this? Does our need to feel superior or to belong to a ~*unique*~ group somehow trump our obligation to respect others? I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.

So I’ve decided to make this (mostly) my personal blog. A place where I can write my middle-of-the-road rants to myself and anyone who stumbles across this lowly page. I may also cross-post some things from my business blog. If you’d care to contribute, by all means contact me and I’ll set you up with an account. I’d like to think that my original vision (minus the rainbows, maybe) is still possible.