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UCLA Midwives

I had a very positive experience with the CNM practice at UCLA and with the L&D nursing staff at UCLA. I found them to be knowledgeable, caring and flexible when possible while being firm that they’re number one concern was our health and safety and that certain policies were not negotiable becuase of that. They used interventions judiciously. One of my biggest issues with doctors over the years has been finding them condescending. I never felt that with the midwives at all.

The only real complaint I had about the birthing experience is that some of the residents who were working in triage when I arrived at UCLA did not seem at all familiar with the policies of the Midwife practice and gave me some inaccurate information about what would be required during the birth (ie. they told me continuous monitoring was required, told me that I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed to shower as I was too far along, would not let me drink water etc. That isn’t the case if you are attended by the midwives, but might be policy with some OB’s there, I can’t say for sure.) The info was corrected as soon as the midwife on duty arrived, but it was upsetting and discouraging at the time to be told information which was contradictory to everything I’d previously discussed with my providers while in the middle of transition!

I also had some negative experiences getting very bad information from pediatrics residents about needing to suppliment with formula. Again, it was corrected immediately when the attending doctor arrived but still irritating. I guess that’s the risk of a teaching hospital where some of the staff is not as experienced. The pediatric department was also very disorganized about arranging for all necessary testing which led to us having to stay an extra day. Next time I think I would have just left AMA at that point and followed up with my own Ped for all the tests but I wasn’t really in a position to advocate for myself at the time. Unfortunately our pediatrician did not have privileges at UCLA otherwise I’m sure he could have straightened it all out.

The nursing staff was fabulous! Nothing but raves from me about all the L&D nurses I encountered. They were knowledgeable, compassionate and extremely helpful with all post delivery care. L&D was extremely busy when I was there, every room was full, and it was a major holiday so I’m sure they were stressed and overworked but you would never have known it. They showed extreme grace under pressure. Baby roomed in exclusively and all of my wishes were respected by the nursing staff. And it was one of the L&D nurses that went out of her way (on her break time!) to track down a supportive Ped after I got the really crappy info from the Ped resident about needing to supplement. Loved her! Wish I could remember her name.


Dr. Anita Sumen, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

I had a high risk pregnancy and was referred by Dr. Sumen to Dr. Silverman at Maternal Fetal Medicine. Fortunately, things started turning around and I only needed to see Dr. Silverman a few times. The docs stayed in great communication with me, each other, and my other specialists.

I was concerned about pain relief, because with my first birth, the anesthesiologist wouldn’t place the epidural at the right level, due to my narrow disc space. I wanted to go into this birth knowing what was/wasn’t possible, so Dr. Sumen arranged for me to have a consult with a team at the hospital ahead of time. They were very accommodating, and helped create a plan of action. I was really pleased that they all worked together and treated me so well.

My labor and delivery was great. It didn’t go without some complications, but the staff at CSMC was top-notch and Dr. Sumen was a rock star. I had an amazing birth experience and everyone is healthy. My stay at Cedars was very good, and I would highly recommend Dr. Sumen to anyone! CSMC is a great place to have a baby- wonderfully responsive nurses and staff, great specialists, a level 3 NICU, comfortable and hospitable for mom and baby.


San Diego

Paul Goldstein

Love this doc! He is partnered with a CNM, and you can choose who to see for your prenatal care. You can ask as many questions as you want, and spend as much time as needed, or, make appointments short and quick. I never had to wait more than 3 minutes for any appointment. He is kind, experienced, and not judgmental. I never had any issues getting what I needed from him. He has privileges at the best, most high tech hospital in SD, Sharp Mary Birch. Mary Birch is the best for LnD, they are so nice there. Excellent doc, and he takes Medi Cal.

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