6 thoughts on “WHHHAAAATTTT?? Intruder Tries to Feed Your Baby? At Least it Wasn’t Formula!!

  1. It’s screencaps like these that make me wish home birth wasn’t a life and death matter so that I could be a home birth midwife and scam these idiots to kingdom come. “Did you KNOW that if you give me $500 I can make sure your birth goes perfectly by sending my peace waves to the moon? They reflect back down to you the day the baby comes and protect you so long as you wear this magical amulet…”

  2. I’m a proud lactivist. I’m also a NCB advocate, and I support home births attended by RMs (Canada) and CNMs (USA). Knowing that some people “hate” me based on my birthing philosphy kind of sucks. Knowing that people base their opinions of ALL lactivists, and ALL HB supporters and ALL NCB advocates on the opinions of some VERY extreme members of our communities sucks even more. I don’t know how to say strongly enough that this way of thinking DOES NOT REPRESENT US AS A WHOLE! In fact, it probably represents fewer than 1% of us. Made to Birth might have a bunch of those 1% in their ranks (I don’t know, I’ve never heard of this group). I, for one, didn’t co sleep to protect my babies from lactating intruders. Co sleeping worked for us, but it doesn’t work for all families, and as long as you aren’t letting your baby CIO I take no issue with wherever your baby sleeps. I would never think to mother blame in this case because she wasn’t co sleeping. And the comment about “at least it wasn’t formula” is totally nut bar! PLEASE, if you break into my house to feed my child, bring a bottle with you, and keep your intimate body parts and potentially disease and drug tainted breast milk away from my baby!

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