WHAT?? You would still VBAC with 99% chance of uterine rupture?


Oh, and before I get all the comments about how I’m shoving all NCBers in the same box…she may be the only one who would VBAC unassisted with a 99% chance of uterine rupture, but she sure isn’t the only one who thinks scientific evidence is bunk.

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11 thoughts on “WHAT?? You would still VBAC with 99% chance of uterine rupture?

  1. Science sucks- except for when I use it! I couldn’t live without my web access, laptop/iPad, sweet phone, SUV, washer and dryer, Ac and central heat, modern roads, grocery stores, emergency medicine, not to mention the fuel that runs all that stuff. Snark

  2. I can’t get past “my holy area.” Pregnancy and birth are amazing to be sure, but come on. Sometimes I think the main problem these women have with OBs is that they have the audacity to treat the vagina and uterus as body parts, not as magical, mystical centers of the soul.

    I am going to start referring to my gallbladder as My Center of Oneness. It makes about as much sense.

  3. I just don’t get why UR is seen as no big deal. I can only guess that they don’t know anyone who has had one.

    Mine ended any chance of giving birth to a third child forever. I am lucky in that I am still here and have two living children, but I still will forever wonder if I would have been better off with a repeat c section right from the start instead of trying for the VBAC.

    • No, not yet formally on a blog. I could give you a million excuses but the reality is that even though it has now been almost 19 months since that day, it still scares me to think how close both me and my daughter came to dying.

      I guess I should get crackin’ on that….

  4. You know, I don’t have to have had a uterine rupture to want to hold both hands over my abdomen and scream “hell no” at the thought of risking it when a much safer option is available, even if it is one that will mean I will have to have stitches and take some pain killers for a few days or weeks. I’ve had abdominal surgery before. It’s kind of sucky but it isn’t the end of the world. I just don’t get this attitude of “having faith” enough to risk a TRULY traumatic situation that puts both your life and your child’s life at dire risk of ending right then and there and/or dreadful complications to avoid a moderately unpleasant but controlled surgery with a fairly known quantity of outcomes, because you just “have faith” that you will win the jackpot and have nothing bad happen at all even when signs are pointing toward disaster.

    But then I’m one of these weird science, reality-based decision makers (even though I’m not an atheist, although my lack of crazy-making faith causes the more extremist fundies in my community to eschew me as satanically influenced).

    I weep for the future.

  5. Yeah, I was thinking that a 99% rupture risk would have me looking for alternate means of adding to my family.

    Committing suicide would be disruptive to the attachment I have with my living children.

    How’s that for Birth Trauma: “My mom chose to die rather than accept unecessary intervention.p .. And husband, family, friend, etc.

    I’m 100% sure that no one who loves me would be comforted knowing that I got the birth experience I wanted.

  6. Check out MDC VBAC forum at the moment.

    The ONE thread where women tried to be positive about their c-sections and Repeat C/S got shut down.

    It all got nasty after someone dared to suggest their c-section was accomplished without any drama.

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