This is Batshittery.

Sorry, but there is no other word that accurately describes what is going on here. “Crazy,” or even “insane” don’t even begin to characterize this phenomenon. What is it?

That homebirth advocates continue to support Lisa Barrett. And every other dangerous midwife out there.

Who is Lisa Barrett? She is an Australian midwife who is currently the subject of a coroner’s inquest. On her website she recounts — with pride — birth stories full of high risk scenarios and obviously questionable judgement, ranging from… twins whom she allowed to deliver more than 48 hours apart (Story comes complete with a google search whereupon she came back to inform the expectant parents that the average time between delivery of twins is FORTY SEVEN DAYS. Even though most reputable sources and common sense report it as being 17 minutes.)… to a 35 weeker who didn’t begin breathing until TEN MINUTES after she was born… to a HBA3C with a previous vertical incision. Pictures of limp, blue babies abound.

On her site, she also claims 20 years of experience “within the system” and :

I am experienced in all types of birth and this includes birthing at home with babies in a breech position, twins and birth after caesarean. Anyone who believes they want and need this service should be entitled to get it.

So what does all this experience include and why is she facing a coroner’s inquest? It’s not because THE MAN is after her. It’s not because, as she claims in her plea for money at the top of her page, “the authorities are trying to censure homebirth via its most vocal advocates.”  It’s not “another witch hunt of a sister midwife.”

No, it is because this is a woman has attended at least four birth-related deaths since 2007. These are spectacularly horrific numbers, and who knows if they’re even complete. As much as homebirth advocates love to parrot the phrase, it just isn’t true that “babies die in the hospital, too.” Yes, they die of anencephaly or heart defects, but it is unbelievably RARE for babies who were perfectly healthy before labor started to come out dead or dying. But somehow, in Lisa’s case, they do. The first two deaths were HBACs and the last two were twin births.

  • Tate Spencer-Koch, born in July of 2007,  suffered a shoulder dystocia for more than 20 minutes and was unresponsive by the time she was finally delivered. The ambulance officers testified in court that Lisa hindered their attempts to get the baby into the ambulance and to the hospital.
  • In April 2009, Jahli Jean Hobbs was breech, became stuck, and was eventually born when Gemma Noone, A DOULA who was not supposed to have a role in the delivery at all, freed her arm, enabling her head to be delivered, but she was not responsive. It was all too late for little Jahli Jean.
  • In July 2011, Lisa attended the homebirth and death of an unnamed twin in Western Australia, which — in an amazing coincidence –also happens to be where Annie Bourgault lives.
  • On October 9, 2011, Lisa crammed with the mother and lifeless twin into the front seat of a car (Do they not have emergency transport in Australia? Or, perhaps, was it that she does not want ambulance officers testifying at the next inquest…) when complications arose after the home delivery of a first twin; the second twin was later declared dead at the hospital.
After the death of Spencer-Koch, Lisa attempted to argue  in the Australian High Court that the infant was never, in fact, a live  human being, and thus not deserving of a coronial inquest. The court disagreed and the inquest began. Throughout the hearings, Lisa continued to trumpet her contempt for the system and her victims by tweeting from the courtroom, including the chillingly ironic:
Yep. October 6.  Three days before the fourth death. Looks like “normal service” resumed all too quickly. Actually, Lisa has been for the past several months attending births outside of the law. Earlier this year, she handed in her registration because she no longer wanted to work as a midwife, giving the excuse that she was not happy with moves last year to increase regulation of midwives. However, since relinquishing her registration, she has attended more than twenty births, including the last two deaths. She claims she is only acting as a consultant and advocate, but she is still advertising her midwifery services on the Maternity Coalition website, on the Bellybelly breech birth page for practitioners “who are skilled and experienced with vaginal breech birth” (apparently having a doula deliver a mostly-dead baby counts as experience), on the Essential Baby midwives page, and on Birth Matters.

Yet, in spite of her blatant recklessness and disregard for human life, the homebirth and midwifery community continues to support Lisa Barrett.  We have the 1400 strong  “I Support Lisa Barrett and That’s Final” facebook page, complete with the idiotic slogan “Freedom is in Peril. Defend it with all your Might.” These women are depositing money into her bank account. She also hosted a movie fundraiser night, where 60 people bought tickets at $25 each, and additional people made donations, in an effort to support her legal battle.

This phenomenon is not unique to Lisa Barrett, either. Karen Carr is a midwife who said after the death of a breech infant under her care, “The baby’s position wasn’t the problem, the problem was that the baby’s head became stuck.” She is also a midwife who practiced illegally in both the states of Virginia and Maryland, and who was prosecuted after two deaths and a case of severe brain damage, all within a years time. She recklessly accepted the care of a 43-year-old first time mom with breech positioning and tragedy resulted. But does the homebirth community condemn her recklessness? NO! She is hailed as a hero and the community is raising money for her “defence.” I don’t see anyone raising money for her victims, though.

What about Amy Medwin? Amy presided over the death of an infant in North Carolina, where CPMs are illegal. She is blatantly flouting the judges’ orders and continues to attend births, posting about them on her open facebook page. She too has bunches of acolytes supporting her and paying her legal bills.

And then there’s the great-grandmother of them all, self-taught Gloria LeMay. According to the College of Midwives of British Columbia, LeMay has had myriads of complaints against her, including several deaths; has been given a permanent injunction against practicing midwifery; has even GONE TO PRISON; but continues to flout the law and attend births. Has she been censored by the homebirth community? Of course not! In fact, she is teaching online midwifery courses which have enthusiastic reviews all over the (Oh, look! It’s Lisa Barrett endorsing Gloria LeMay!) internet.

WAKE UP, PEOPLE! If you truly wanted homebirth to be safe,  you’d be outraged at the outrageous behavior some of these so-called midwives exhibit. It’s not a matter of a woman’s “personal choice.” Any woman can have her baby at home with whomever she wants to attend. It’s a matter of who gets to give themselves the authority that comes with the title of midwife and use that title to profit.  And sorry, no matter how much you may protest to the contrary, calling yourself a midwife does indeed impart some semblance of authority. Do those of you who practice safe midwifery really want to be lumped in the same group with these mavericks who take risks with other peoples’ lives? I sure wouldn’t. Any other profession would be banding together to throw the bums out rather than circling the wagons around them. Is this an indication of the real values behind the culture of homebirth? That the advancement of lay midwifery is more important than the safety of women and babies? It is MIND BOGGLING to me that not only is no one speaking out against this egregious behavior, and in fact, they’re all throwing their support behind it.

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  1. Honest questions for supporters of HB MWs like these:

    1) What can a MW do that would make you stop supporting her?

    2) Do you think these deaths and injuries are made up, or would’ve happened anywhere, with any attendant?

    3) Do you really believe MWs are persecuted, even though HB MWs are barely regulated, and not required to have insurance in 49 US states, and are part of the medical system in other countries? Even though they charge 2-3x the fees of OBs?

    I really want an answer to the first question, because if you can support these dangerous, negligent women, where DO you draw the line?

    So far, I have NEVER seen a HB advocate pubicly distance themselves from these MWs. They always blame the mom and skirt the issues.

    PLEASE, we want safe HB for those that demand it, and you cant get it when you support MWs who are are killers!

    • staceyjw – these are the same things that I’ve been wondering. If Lisa Barrett was an OB, her current supporters would be calling for her head on a platter. Malpractice is malpractice, whether it is an OB or a midwife. Why does the NCB community refuse to demand accountability for midwives? How does this serve women and their babies?

      The other thing that really bothers me is the mother-blaming by these same NCB advocates when there is a bad outcome. Mom should have done her homework, they say, but when someone has a good outcome in a ridiculously risky homebirth situation, they’re the first ones to crow about what an awesome “birth goddess” mom was. Which is it, ladies? You can’t encourage women to do dangerous things and then place the blame totally on them when they lose their babies. You are part of the problem, and deserve a good portion of the accountability for these dead babies.

  2. Honestly, these people make me sick and that’s being too nice. The people who continue to support them, they disgust me. Period. Well written and informed post!

  3. The support for this degenerate is unbelievable. I look at that picture and see a filthy woman with matted hair and a crazy look in her eye, how does anyone look at that and say “yep, that’s my midwife” It’s like hiring Charles Manson to preside at your wedding. I hope that this inquest wraps up soon and finishes this woman’s right to be at anyone’s birth in any capacity. I think the homebirth advocates should really think twice about having this woman as a mascot, she looks like an escaped mental patient! And four deaths? At what point does one take a long hard at reality and realize that THEY are the problem? It’s hubris and arrogance.

    • “It’s like hiring Charles Manson to preside at your wedding.”

      Exactly. And if you need to ponder further on the NCB hive mind, go back to that analogy, and remember how blindly Manson’s followers obeyed him, to the point of committing murder. The parallels are far too obvious to ignore.

  4. We’re at 4 babies now. 4. From one midwife, out of how many births. Folks, do you truly think that any obstetrician has a fatality rate like this? Truly? Do you really think that in full term babies this sort of rate is acceptable? 4 babies dead in just a few years. Not 1 or even 2. 4. 4 children who should not have died under any sort of responsible care from a midwife or physician.

    That has to give y’all pause, folks. Has to.

    • The most depressing thing? A casual survey of what can be gathered from blogs and boards and conversation about town indicates to me that there are at least a couple of midwives local to me who have a similar mortality rate. I’d like to think Barrett is a singular loon…but she so clearly is not.

  5. Fantastic post! I find the support these midwives receive deplorable. I don’t understand how people can continue to get emotional support and money to these killers. I’m just baffled by the blatant ignorance of these people. It must be a sad world to live in when you think the death of these babies is okay.

  6. It is offensive to me on a personal level that anyone would defend these killers in the name of “feminism.” It speaks of pitifully low standards for women, in that rather than reaching for true empowerment–woman-centered care that is safe, competent, and coming from someone with a rigorous education and impeccable ethical standards–we settle for these “sister midwives.” And they substitute manipulation for expertise, arrogance for education, and tricky boundary violations for the true trust one earns through competence and ethical behavior.

  7. Ahem! PLEASE don’t lump me in with the Baby Death Midwife Supporters. If you haven’t been reading, I *have* been speaking out about a slew of homebirth ills and now beginning to offer ideas of how to work through the changes needed in order to make homebirth and homebirth midwives safer.

    I’ve long been disgusted by Gloria Lemay and am getting more disgusted by the slew of midwives losing babies. The list is FAR longer than we know about because there is no public place where the deaths are tallied; that outrages me, too.

    You consumers are NOT alone. I will use my voice wherever and however you need me to. Give me assignments, write Guest Posts… we NEED each other so we can amplify the mission of safety and health for moms and babies who otherwise don’t have a voice.

    • Likewise, I also don’t care for the seeming correlation of this person and the “NCB crowd.” Surely there are “fanatics” on either side of the fringe, and I think it’s just as careless to assume that NCB support reckless behavior like this all across the board. I am a homebirth and natural birth advocate, but like Barb, stand squarely in the middle.

    • Probably to show this idea of midwives who seem to keep practicing in spite of tragic outcomes isn’t an isolated incident. I mean, it takes a lot to be practicing illegally, and beyond that to have been the attendant responsible for a birth where an infant died and to be willing to post in public that you are flouting a judge’s orders and still attending births. And this is on Amy Medwin’s public Facebook page.

      I mean, I would never use an illegal midwife, but there’s “illegal/underground” and then there’s “illegal and someone died under your care so that you specifically have a judicial order saying to not attend births.” To be acting like there’s nothing wrong with continuing to attend births after that point? That is unnerving, and merits attention.

    • I’m curious, do you give a damn about unnecessarily dead babies? Maybe even half a damn? Or are you pretty much ok with some amount of “collateral damage” in the name of propping up your heroines and their pathological personalities?

  8. Although I agree with you about Lisa Barrett — she’s appalling — I must say that I know Amy Medwin and she did NOT “preside over the death of an infant.” She provided prenatal care to the mother and was not at the birth.

  9. I’m feeling kind of sick right now, how can these women keep their so called “practice”, I am not against Midwifery, I just want a safer practice and more caring women, have better screening (background checks)is need be. unborn children are to me, are to be considered a human and that would be from conception!…better care and better regulations!!

  10. Thank you!! I am continuously outraged by Gloria Lemay (I’m from BC so she’s the one I’m most familiar with) AND by the licensed midwives who are constantly singing her praises. When a baby dies at home because of a midwife’s incompetance it makes ALL home birthing look scary, irresponsible, and reckless. Supporting these women is a detriment to the home birthing community and midwifery as a whole. Thank you for having the courage to say it.

  11. This is a great post. I don’t oppose homebirth – when it’s a CNM attending a truly low risk birth, and with a good transfer plan in place. I don’t understand why any supporters of homebirth would support bad midwives like these. Why wouldn’t they want to get rid of the bad apples? Personally, I only want hospital births – and I most certainly would want any doctor who is to lose his or her license and be unable to practice! I would think homebirthers would be very concerned about making sure incompetent midwives can’t keep seeing patients.

  12. Lisa Barrett’s hair isn’t so much matted as it is dreadlocked which is something done by choice; I have wondered about that, whether she is trying to identify with some sort of indigenous intuitive something or other, or make herself seem exotic to attract a certain category of client whose capacity for critical thinking flies out the window at the sight of ANYTHING exotic.

  13. I may never trust a midwife again. If these are the people in their ranks, who they support…well, I want better care than that. I absolutely DEMAND better care than that.

    I truly feel that any midwife (CNM, CPM, whatever) who supports these women is complicit in the deaths of these infants. So, to me, right now, they’re ALL guilty. And they can all rot in hell.

    Those who don’t support them, good for you, because obviously, you come few and far between. And I wouldn’t put it past one of the complacent midwives to outright lie to me if I was to seek their care. So for my own safety and the safety of my children, you midwives who support this practice can go to hell. You are terrible human beings who deserve to suffer the way those innocent babies did. My contempt for those who look at the death of an innocent baby and blame someone other than the person responsible knows no bounds. Go to hell, midwives. You deserve it, for preserving this kind of practice. You are murderers.

    • Please don’t include me! And I know at least a couple of more on this side of the line, too. And I would *never* lie to get a new client.

      And know, Emily, I absolutely understand your anger and disgust. I really do. I stand beside you in those emotions.

      • I think that the vast majority of CNMs are outraged by this behavior, and there are certainly some CPMs (like Barb) who are too. I am currently expecting my second child, and I will be delivering in the hospital with the same group of CNMs who delivered our first child. Even though they only do hospital deliveries, they follow very clear guidelines and risk out patients who require more care. I also know that they can handle an emergency, as I had a massive pph and cervical laceration during my last delivery. My CNM got backup immediately, and had me in the operating room with an OB within minutes.

        • I realize it’s a harsh comment, but that is how I feel. These are innocent children!! How can any person, let alone another midwife, support this kind of practice? A midwife who supports the practice of midwives like Lisa Barrett is complicit in her negligent homicide of these infants because she’s giving Lisa Barrett the legitimacy that lets her keep practicing, putting other mothers and babies at risk. So in my eyes, midwives that support her are as guilty as she is because they are allowing babies to die, as if their lives don’t matter. And that upsets me very much!

          And there are good midwives out there, speaking out against this sort of thing. NavelgazingMidwife, I absolutely support you. I should have made that clearer, I suppose. I’m sorry I didn’t.

  14. I am so pleased to read your post! I live in Australia and have only recently become aware of Lisa Barrett. I have visited Lisa’s web page and was appalled at her lack of basic humanity with regards to the little lives that have been lost. She doesn’t seem to have any sadness or concern for them or the bereaved families? I am utterly amazed and perplexed at the support she seems to have from a minority group of women who seem to think that having a natural delivery is the ultimate experience??

    One woman wrote to Lisa telling her about the medical interventions that were forced upon her during labor, and Lisa wrote back telling her there was a better outcome for her elsewhere…. to contact her in other words ……and I couldn’t help but wonder, how is a dead baby a better outcome??

    You know, I’ve birthed 3 beautiful healthy babies – naturally – drug free – in a hospital under the care of registered midwives, and a very experienced Obstetrician. I never had medical intervention, but I can tell you, if I needed it, I would’ve absolutely been relieved and the first one to say go ahead, if it meant my baby and I were safe. What is wrong with these women????? The ULTIMATE OUTCOME is a HEALTHY BABY – not a gloriously natural birth experience! I’ve had two wonderful empowering experiences, one not so only because the midwives dismissed me right up until 10 minutes before I delivered and then they unnecessarily panicked at the last minute, and you know, whatever upsetting or traumatic experience we women go through during childbirth, you DO get over it. In time, you get over it and hopefully your next birth experience is a better one (which I was lucky enough to experience). But damage? How do you repair a little baby’s brain damage caused from a birthing difficulty through lack of oxygen? How do you cope with birthing a perfectly healthy baby that dies simply because he/she were not delivered properly through the birth canal by the so called doula/midwife at home? I cannot imagine the anguish these poor mothers have suffered day after day, knowing their pregnancies and their babies were completely healthy, then to lose them just when they were about to meet them…. all the while Lisa happily blogs away as if these losses have not even occurred.

    I feel so angry that these babies have died unnecessarily. Lisa Barrett’s ‘please donate to Lisa’ web page makes no mention of these little lost babies or the families heartbreak, but she does talk on about her ‘fight for the cause’, and ‘by the way my legals are costing me so please donate’. I find it all quite narcissistic.

    I saw an alarming picture on Lisa Barrett’s website – her personal blog – it was taken of a birth that she attended showing her ungloved hands, rings and all, as she reaches for a baby’s head crowning, as the mother sits over a toilet. A toilet? No gloves? This was one of the first things I found on her website and my alarm bells instantly began ringing, while some bloggers thought they were wonderful and natural pics?

    I sincerely hope she will be thoroughly investigated.

    She seems to display little conscience, she is quite happy naming doctors as ‘dickheads’ and writing nasty replies to those who dare to question her on her blog page. She has spent money on legals in trying to dispute the definition of a ‘living’ baby after birth in order to avoid an inquest into their deaths and the part she played. That in itself strikes me as sociopathic, but still some bloggers think it is great and tell Lisa to ‘you go get ’em girl!’.

    Every single baby lost in childbirth deserves careful investigation – no matter where that birth has occurred, or who was involved or who was ultimately responsible. So thank you Heather for writing about this in an intelligent manner. After reading Lisa’s supporters comments, I was left wondering if the world had gone completely mad.

    I hope the mothers who have lost these little babies are able to find some peace eventually.
    My heart goes out to them.

    Thank you once again Heather, and my apologies for my very long rant!

  15. Andrea… I hope you come back to read this… How is Margarita? Her story and the needless, senseless death of her gorgeous baby really affected me. Talk about batshittery, what she went through with those “midwives” made me sick.

    I hope she is doing alright.

    Also, was Darby Partner ever charged or investigated?

    • Margarita is doing as well as she can. Margarita is a greaving mother and that is to be expected the pain will always be there and we (family and friends) will continue to support and will always be there for her and her Husband. as far as the other question that you asked for I can not talk about weither or not it will happen ( I am not the one to answer that question) she and every one else just wants better regulation on those who do damage or harm to the mother and child. thank you for asking and I will let her know.

  16. A hospital midwife refused to get my OB when I screamed at her for an hour that something was wrong with my son’s birth, he was born still. No inquest for her as he was born in hospital and it ‘was just one of those things’.

      • I agree but she was protected by the hospital and a system that does not like to look at baby deaths in hospitals. I had to wait 5 days to get my child’s body back so we could bury him, in that time an autopsy had been performed with out our knowledge or consent. When we requested his file we had been told it was ‘sealed’. $3000 later and still no answers, we are only giving up know as we can no longer afford legal help.

  17. Great post. So sad this is going on in my community. Lisa Barrett is NOT representative of midwives attending homebirth safely, legally, and respectfully. She She is a criminal (not a midwife) and should be treated as such. No love loss here.

  18. Mama Tao,
    I’ve been clicking on the link that you posted back in Oct. 2011 (just last month) but it says “website unavailalbe” Could you please e-mail me, personally. Thanks & We, finally, have more and more CNMs practicing homebirths here in NC. By my latest count of latest info that I have from CNMs in this state is that as of this January 2010 we will have 13 CNMs doing homebirths and spread throughout the state from a little west of Asheville, through the foothills/Blue Ridge Mtns./Hickory/Charlotte areas, and on to several in the Central and far Eastern parts of North Carolina.
    Blessings to everyone,
    Karen Benfield, CNM & Owner of BirthTender Midwifery, serving a 2 hr. radius of Hickory, NC

    • Karen, her link is working for me. It is a collection of screenshots from Amy Medwin’s facebook page where she is broadcasting the babies she delivered in September of this year (while she was under investigation for practicing midwifery without a license) and a screenshot of her giving a shout out to other illegal midwives in North Carolina by name. Try it here: ?

  19. N.C. law only allows C.N.M.’s for a reason. N.C. is SMART enough to require that anyone holding themselves out to be a home birth alternative specialist AT A MINIMUM meet certain requirements. The law does not need to be changed to allow CPM’s (apparently recognized in other states but not this one) to practice in this state. CPM’S ARE NOT EVEN NURSES (rather do not have to be nurses)!!!!!!!!!!!! I am all for alternatives to traditional, meathook health care, but not to the point of allowing anyone to hold themselves out to be professional with no basic skills. I am sure this woman is wonderful at what she does, and I am sure she is very professional BUT THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE! A reduction in the requirements that the law currently mandates would be to allow anyone, who is not even a basic nurse, start attending and supervising home births. PLEASE LEGISLATORS DO NOT CHANGE THE LAW WHICH PROTECTS US!

  20. I am a Midwife and to be honest I am disgusted to think that the beautiful field of Midwifery is being encrusted with this kind of crap. I take great pride in providing care and support to a women so she may give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. It sounds like these so called midwives are trying to become the next Jack the ripper. I hope they finally get what is comming to them. How dare they drag every Midwife in to this mess. I do not support them and never will. They are despicable.

  21. This blog needs to come back.
    I hired a woman named Cecily Arenas back in 2003, in the bay area of California whom I now believe to have completely falsified her education and experience to my husband and I at that time. It is important to identify and expose dangerous and negligent midwives in the community, anywhere they may live. Our baby almost died in the NICU at Alta Bates, thanks to this “midwife” who refused to help me when I called her and told her that I was leaking meconium. She flaked out that day and insisted it was more than likely a yeast infection, and wanted to send her husband to my home to collect it for her. She would not even come and see me. I believe at this point, she knew there was trouble and abandoned me right then because she was not licensed and didn’t know what she was doing, AT ALL. If not for my husband taking control, and driving me to the hospital that night, my daughter would not be here. I was constantly leaking meconium all day and evening, and found out that my water had broken at some point, we don’t know when because her head acted like a cork. She was seriously distressed with decelerations of fetal tone, and has they raced me into the OR, we lost fetal tones. I had to hear this, I had to hear the doctor yelling “NOW, we lost fetal tones, let’s GO”, and I’m OUT… and when I wake my baby is gone, I’m freaking out, I can’t breathe. It was a nightmare. As I laid in recovery, my husband was running back and forth between me and the NICU where my daughter was fighting for her life. Tubes everywhere, meconium in her lungs. The neonatologist YELLED at my husband “WHY did this happen. WHO was the midwife? WHERE does the midwife live?” Oh yes. It all of the sudden became OUR faults, for trusting this person, as she hid and threw us under the bus.

    Cecily Arenas abandoned me. She would not face me. Would not come to the hospital. Where did the sweet faced and smiling woman go, once trouble was at the door? At her home, hiding. Silent.

    I am so lucky that God was with us that day. The neonatologist told me how lucky we were. Our baby girl was very sick and didn’t want to eat. Tube down her nose for days. Forget my dreams of nursing, she wouldn’t nurse no matter how many lactation consultants were brought in. No matter how much I cried.

    While I faced this shattering moment, this woman hid in her home and remained silent.

    And you know what this woman did after all of this? Went to nursing school so she could continue practicing her midwifery. She should NEVER be allowed to step foot near a pregnant woman again. What she had done with me, was extremely reckless and dangerous because she did not know what she was doing at all. She had the home birth jargon down though. And it was that jargon, her sweet smiling calm demeanor that had me believe and trust her.

    We MUST continue to fight against dangerous women like this who want to play midwife and practice medicine illegally. I am currently writing a book about Cecily and what happened to us to bring awareness to the public. I want every woman out there who has had similar experiences or worse, to know that they are not alone. There is nothing wrong with us. The midwife FAILED us, we did not fail homebirth.

    I suffered PTSD and was extremely depressed after my traumatic birth. Cecily Arenas will never have any idea what I went through, and how she abandoned me at the hospital, threw me under the bus to face the fire alone.

    If you are reading this, you should NOT be practicing any form of midwifery again. I will continue to tell my story and will NOT be silenced by anyone. She ended up leaving the bay area, perhaps to escape the possibility of getting into trouble.

    I had spoken with a few licensed midwives at alta bates in Berkeley about what happened and they were appalled. They know who Cecily is now. It will be difficult for Cecily Arenas to practice medicine illegally in the bay area again, but I suspect she is still doing home births under the radar.

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