Off topic WHAT??!?: Proof that Birth-related Issues Do Not Have the Corner on the Sanctimommy Market!

ETA: In a spectacular twist of irony, it turns out that Mom 1 below is Brenda Scarpino-Newport, whose negligence and anti-hospital rhetoric contributed to the death of Mary Beth Chapman.


Happened across this little gem on a blog called “Mothers With Cancer.” Allow me to translate:

Mom 1: “I have cancer and I’m commenting on a site called mothers with cancer. I’m hoping to find some solace with other mothers experiencing the same thing. Here I will tell a bit of my story and say something thoughtful and a little little inspiring. I have an amazing attitude and am listening to my doctors and continuing the treatment they and I have decided is best, even in the face of a poor prognosis.”

Mom 2: “You idiot! How could you possibly be listening to your doctors? You know they’re just in it to make money off of you until you die! Which you are no doubt going to do. And soon, if you keep listening to them. Probably within weeks. Too bad you aren’t as insanely awesome as me, who went to doctors but totally ignored what they had to say, and who is curing herself with diet and exercise. You know that makes me superior!! And I’m cancer free!! Not that it actually had anything to do with my self-prescribed treatment, but na, na, na boo boo, you dumb a$$! Oh, wait. Better throw in a little pseudo-inspiring BS lest I look like a complete jerk.”





10 thoughts on “Off topic WHAT??!?: Proof that Birth-related Issues Do Not Have the Corner on the Sanctimommy Market!

  1. Totally disgusting. I’m a breast cancer survivor too (stage 3 nearly 6 years ago at age 32, 50% chance of recurrence, so far so good). Sadly, this kind of thing is more common than you’d think. Natural health people take a cancer diagnosis to not show you support as a person going through an incredibly difficult time, but as an excuse to proselytize their crazy beliefs. Not only is the quackery dangerous, it shows a lack of humanity. They don’t see you as the same you you’ve always been, dealing with a really really hard thing, but just someone to convert.

    And there’s the blame too–if only you had had a better diet (or whatever), you wouldn’t have gotten cancer and be prematurely leaving your family motherless. I feel totally humbled and unspeakably lucky that I haven’t had a recurrence (so far). And I’m superstitious enough to think that if I ever said anything like Mom 2 said, that God would give me an experience so I could understand very personally how cruel and unfair my words were.

  2. What that smug bitch failed to mention is that traditional modern medicine handed her the fix to her breast cancer via mastectomy. In some breast cancers that is all that is required but further treatment will be offered to better your recurrence percentages. This is optional and might only improve your cure rate by 2% over five years, so she is attributing her continued good health to superior lifestyle when it just isn’t true. Her day will come, as she said, she has outlived her finances and that’s all you get when you turn to homeopathy to cure your ills.

  3. I wish she was a guy so I could kick her in the nuts.

    Seriously, who the hell with ANY decency would say something like that to a person with cancer?

  4. I have a friend posting about how the “cancer industry” killed Steve Jobs to get their greedy hands on his money, so yeah. People believe this.

  5. I have heard variations on this theme a lot. Including the most nasty: that “the cancer industry” has in fact developed a cure or preventive (could be either) for cancer but won’t release it because then “they” wouldn’t make so much money. Sadly, some cancer docs unwittingly play into this suspicion by continuing to recommend treatment protocols even to patients who near death, mainly because it is so sorry to say “We can offer you no more,” and because it is so hard for patients, families, and physicians to talk together about goals of care.

  6. When I read the first part of your post, I thought you were using hyperbole to prove a point. When I read the screen shot I realized, you really were not 🙁 It`s disgusting that some people think is appropriate to say.

  7. This is unfortunately common with any illness. I suffer from several chronic illnesses and I’ve heard variations on this too many times too count…until people learned I’d bat back and to not bother. 🙂

    I believe that natural medicine can have its place (in my mind, mostly preventative) but this kind of rhetoric makes me very suspicious of it.

    Prayers for this poor woman.

  8. Though these women who responded were very rude, I too would go the natural route if I ever got cancer. I’ve heard and seen some amazing stories from people who recovered through natural treatments, especially changing diet. Whatever I would do, it would be thoroughly based on non-biased studies. You must remember cancer treatment / medicine is very lucrative business, there’s a lot of money to be made. I would never just start taking pills or treatment without thoroughly researching it first.

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