Attention Homebirth Advocates


Unregistered midwives leading child births face jail or $30,000 fine under new SA laws.

That’s right. South Australia has passed a law to keep rogue midwives from killing babies. The law is apparently named after Lisa Barrett, who is responsible for the deaths of five  (FIVE!) infants in the last few years. On her website she recounts — with pride — birth stories full of high risk scenarios and obviously questionable judgement, ranging from… twins whom she allowed to deliver more than 48 hours apart (Story comes complete with a google search whereupon she came back to inform the expectant parents that the average time between delivery of twins is FORTY SEVEN DAYS. Even though most reputable sources and common sense report it as being 17 minutes.)… to a 35 weeker who didn’t begin breathing until TEN MINUTES after she was born… to a HBA3C with a previous vertical incision. Pictures of limp, blue babies abound. Instead of decrying these practices and discussing about why so many homebirths attended by Lisa Barrett end in tragedy, homebirth advocates invite her to speak at their conferences.

If you truly valued the “right” to homebirth, you would be speaking out against midwives like Lisa Barrett, because without her, this law probably wouldn’t have a chance.

A side note: may I point out the irony of Kelly Vincent’s idiotic statement, “I fear it could drive homebirthing further underground, and could result in free birthing – a practice that must be monitored very carefully.”