Attention Big Medicine: I’m Still Waiting for my Check!

Ever since I heard that I was in the pocket of Big Medicine, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my payoff. Sadly, it hasn’t yet arrived. Anyone have any ideas on how I can collect what’s due me?


Of course, the comment was meant to be insulting, but it’s so ridiculous and hysterical I can’t help but be grateful she made it. The LULZ enough make up for the slight.

And, just to comment on the rest of the insultcomment…Diane Goslin was charged with practicing medicine without a license after the death of an infant in her care. It’s doubtful she and any of the other midwives in Pennsylvania being “harassed” by the authorities are receiving this attention without reason. I have no idea if she was found to be negligent, but she was breaking the law, an infant died, and she got the support of the midwifery community for it.