So I sent a message out to my doula list today…

And here is what it said:

I find it interesting that as doulas, we advocate and insist that doctors use evidence-based practice and not practice based on the fact that, say, they once witnessed a VBAC that ended in uterine rupture and are therefore worried about all future VBACS (when in fact, the evidence shows that the risk is small and VBAC is actually safer for most women). However, I rarely see evidence-based advice passed back and forth on this list; it’s mostly anecdotal.  I would love to see more evidence-based discussion and transfer of information here. When anyone asks me a question about pregnancy or labor, I try to present the evidence to them so that they can make the decision for themselves and not tell them what I think the best decision is. Just a thought.

I am eagerly waiting the response. We’ll see what happens.